Ceremony Tariffs

Ceremony Tarriffs

Ceremony Charges from April 1st 2016 to 31 st March 2017
The fees from 1st April 2016, payable by the bride and groom directly to KCC (which includes booking arrangements, preparation and agreement of the content of the marriage ceremony and the attendance of two registration officers to conduct and register the marriage), are as follows:

A Kentish Wedding Marriage Ceremony
1. Monday to Friday £436.00
2. Saturday/Sunday and Bank Holiday £592.00
3. Christmas Day / Boxing Day & New Year’s Day £678.00
4. Booking confirmation fee £ 55.00 (non-refundable)
5. Booking Cancellation fee £ 45.00
6. Ceremony Amendment fee £25.00
Additional Costs
Please note there are additional charges for the legal preliminaries which must be given (Notices) and also for certificates. The local office dealing with your booking will advise you of these fees.
Both the bride and groom are legally required to give a notice of marriage, in person, to a superintendent registrar at the register office in the area where each of them lives. A notice of marriage is a legal statement showing the bride and groom's personal and family details,
and the name of the marriage venue. The minimum period of residence prior to giving notice is seven days
Booking a Ceremony
If you wish to marry at Hempstead House then you will need to book the ceremony with us and we will then make the booking on line with the local register office. You will then receive a confirmation by email. Your date and time of marriage are guaranteed so don't worry that you need to confirm the availability of a Celebrant and Registrar before you book the venue. Once the register office has received your booking you will be sent a confirmation. An appointment will then be made for you to meet and discuss your arrangements with a member of their Ceremony Team, who will guide you through all the legal preliminaries to the wedding and make sure that these are successfully completed. 
Simply Perfect Kentish Marriage Ceremony 
There are a number of choices available to you about how each stage of your wedding ceremony is carried out. This will be fully explained to you by the registrars and further information can be found on their website  CLICK HERE

All prices include VAT where applicable