Terms and Conditions

Special Event Terms & Conditions

Wedding & Indoor Special Events 2021

Terms and Conditions

1. Covid 19 – While the hotel will strive to provide a safe environment under the current guidelines advised by Health and Safety England, it is the responsibility of each individual to respect and maintain social distancing which must be adhered to throughout the event. Our Restaurants and Events will be vacated at 10pm following the current curfew with hotel residents ONLY applicable to drink in public areas socially distanced on via room service to hotel bedrooms. 

2. All Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times during dining and swimming allocations, Children under 11 years are exempt from face coverings.

3. Cleanliness and hygiene is paramount. Please use sanitising stations throughout the hotel.

4. Our staff and suppliers have all received training and will adhere to our COVID Risk Assessments at all times.

5. Staggered arrival times will be issued with confirmations to reduce congestion. On arrival, please que in a socially distanced manner and wait to be escorted to your table. Once seated, we ask you to remain at your tables, excusing yourselves for a toilet break, smoke break or emergency situation only.

6. Guests will be asked to wear masks/face coverings on entering and manoeuvring around the hotel (including toilet and smoking breaks) but can be removed once seated.

7. Guests will be seated on tables of no more than 6. Tables are not permitted to interact. Any guests interacting with other tables will be asked to re-take their seat or asked to leave.

8. One way systems are in place which guests will be asked to adhere to upon arrival and during their stay.

9. Please use designated smoking areas outside of the hotel and not within the event perimeter. Smoking inside any part of the Hotel is strictly prohibited, and a £100.00 charge will be enforced to any guest found smoking or vaping inside the hotel public areas.

10. Menu choices (if applicable) are required prior to all special events. If pre-orders are not received by the due date, we will not be able to guarantee availability of guests’ choices. If you have any special requirements, please notify us on booking.

11. Bars will be closed. All drinks are to be ordered & paid at your table. Card Payment preferable but cash is accepted. Guests are able to pre-order drinks in advance which must be settled prior to arrival. Bar tabs are Not permitted. 

12. All guests attending the function shall not consume any food or beverage not supplied by the Hotel within its premises. Failure to comply will result in corkage charges being made by the Hotel.

13. Full payment is required at time of booking to confirm all special events reservations. Provisional bookings are not permitted. Payments are non-refundable. Under the current circumstances, payments may be transferred to an alternative date or voucher should a cancellation be necessary.

14. Under no circumstances will verbal or physical abuse be tolerated towards our staff and other guests of the hotel. The Hotel reserves the right to exit any guests behaving in an inappropriate manner. The Management decision is final.

15. All guests attending the function shall comply with the Hotels Licensing and Health & Safety regulations at all times. Any loss or damage caused to the Hotel by guests, the primary named guest will incur full charges for professional repair or replacement.

16. Age restrictions apply to some of our special events. Please check prior to booking.